Collaborative exhibition with artist Joanna Whittle / Artcade Gallery / July 2021

Ruin (Collage Study) / Ceramic / 2021 / 38cm x 24cm

The Mitre Owl represents a collection made up of objects and original artworks by David Orme and Joanna Whittle as well as artefacts and items from their own treasuries. The exhibition space will become part shop front, part assemblage and part physical inventory and will represent a small corner of a much wider and quite possibly fictional archive. The exhibition will reveal points of collaboration between Orme and Whittle including the production of a limited edition enamel pin. New paintings and ceramics from Whittle will exhibit alongside Orme’s own ceramic works and collages along with other artworks from the collection.

On view at Artcade Gallery, Sheffield from 2nd – 24th July 2021

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